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작성자: 관리자
작성일: 2023-04-01 22:09:46 (수정일: 2023-04-10 14:36:11)
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After the fire incident on Friday March 31st, 
we have hired a third-party company to conduct 
a thorough inspection across the ECC and 
check the air quality in the building. 

We are grateful that the ECC is likely to be back to normalcy soon. 

But based on the outcome of the air quality measurement, 
we have decided to temporarily close 12 classrooms in the ECC 
listed below from April 3rd (Monday) till April 8th (Saturday).

They are: B137, B138, B140, B142,
       B218, B219, 
B220, B221, B222, B223, B224, B225.

Please follow the guidelines of instructors regarding 
the lectures offered in the classrooms above. 
You can either take an online lecture live or a recorded lecture on Cyber Campus. 

Please refer to the attached manual.