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Notes for Credit Exchange Students

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작성일: 2023-08-30 09:46:54 (수정일: 2024-03-08 08:44:37)
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Welcome all the students from other universities who are taking Ewha courses.

Credit exchange students can use Ewha Cyber Campus without member registration. You will receive ID and password. 

After school begins, please refer to the following notes on ID and password and then log in. 

If you want to change a course, you can do that on Ewha system, and it will be reflected right away. 

However, if you change a course on your school system, it will be reflected after the registration and change period ends.

* ID : School Code (English capital letter) + your school ID   e.g. POSTECH student's ID 20120101 -  P20120101

   School code is different according to undergraduate and graduate program.

* Password : The date of birth (six digit number in the order of year, month, and day)   e.g. 890430



Via Eureka Login

Via Eureka Login

<School Code>

- Korea Uni.: T 

- Sogang Uni.: D

- Seoul National Uni.: H

- Uni. of Seoul: L

- Sungkyunkwan Uni.: B 

- Sookmyung Women's Uni.: M

- Yonsei Uni.: C 



- Korea National Uni. of Education: W

- Hankuk Uni. of Foreign Studies: V

<School Code>

- Korea Uni.: T

- Korea National Defense Uni.: B

- Sogang Uni.: S

- Seoul National Uni.: N 

- Uni. of Seoul: C

- Yonsei Uni.: Y 

- Hankuk Uni. of Foreign Studies: A

- UST : Q