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[10. 6.] Request for Confirmation of the Class operation due to Blackout on Campus

작성자: 관리자
작성일: 2023-10-05 17:35:49 (수정일: 2023-10-06 16:39:47)
조회수: 1436

Due to facility maintenance of some buildings on campus, the access to those buildings might be restricted.

If you have any classes in those buildings on 5th Oct.(THU) 18:00 ~ 6th(FRI) 19:00, please check the professor's guidance on how to operate the class in advance.

The buildings under maintenance are as follows:

Location of the buildingsBlack out Time
New Engineering, Asan Engineering BLDG5th Oct.(THU) 18:00 ~ 6th(FRI) 19:00
ECC, Science BLDG A / B / D, Hanwoori House,
Ottogi Global House, ROTC BLDG,
Community Welfare Center,
North Gate of Parking Lot
6th Oct. (FRI) 09:00 ~ 19:00