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2024 Spring Semester Cyber Campus Classrooms

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1. Opening of Cyber Campus Classrooms

The Cyber Campus classrooms for the 2024-1 semester will open on February 19th (Monday), two weeks before the start of classes. All courses assigned for the semester will be automatically opened on the Cyber Campus without any separate application process. Professors are required to click on the course name to open the classroom for students, so please check in advance before the start of classes.

You can check the previous semester's Cyber Campus classrooms under the curriculum > My Course menu two weeks after the end of the semester.

2. Combined Class Application

For classes where different course numbers or sections are combined and taught at the same time, same location, and same class type, combined classes are also possible on the Cyber Campus. If you need to combine classes, please send the course name and course number to We will process the combined classes after the classroom opening on February 19th.

When combining classes, a new classroom will be created, and the existing one will be hidden, so it is recommended to apply for combined classes before the start of the semester and registration of course materials.